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  1. 99 PALLETS   This website at least offers a lot of good pictures of wood pallet projects which could serve as an inspiration for you. This listing is not really all that good in that it is what i would call an "Advertising Site" with very little real content except for the pictures which might help to give some visitors ideas for their own project(s). Picture on the right is of a "DIY Up-cycled Pallet Adirondack Chair".

    ►We 99pallets are a platform providing for recycled pallet furniture ideas. We specialize in Diy Pallet Projects / collection too. We have more than 99 pallet furniture Ideas. You can decorate your homes, garden, inner, outer areas of house, offices with pallet furniture or any area you live in. The Pallet is usually considered as scrap, or no-way-used wood. If you are the one who can't afford the modern furniture, you may get these useless pieces of free pallets and combine to build pallet furniture and projects:◄
  2. CANADIAN WOOD PALLET ASSOCIATION   There is some very good information about basic pallets mentioned in this website. Like for instance there are three basic types of pallets: Block Pallets, 2 Way Stringer Pallets, & 4 Way Stringer Pallets. In Canada most pallets are heat treated (minimum core temperature of 56°C/133°F for softwoods and 60°C/140°F for hardwoods for a minimum of 30 minutes in a kiln.) Wood treatment with methyl-bromide fumigation is banned in Canada. Heat treated pallets are safe to use around the home and sometimes are stamped with a small box with the numbers CA-00000 HT inside. Picture on the right is of a "Block Pallet, 2 Way Stringer Pallet & a 4 Way Stringer Pallet".
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    ►CWPCA is a Canadian association dedicated to promoting the welfare of the wood packaging material (WPM) industry in Canada. It services a membership base that spans across Canada. Incorporated in 1968, the CWPCA has been the voice of the WPM industry in Canada and strives to improve the domestic industry in its competitive position, both in Canada and around the world. The CWPCA is known for being a strong and influential voice on domestic and international issues pertaining to wood packaging, and circulates statistical information to assist on issues such as taxation, trade barriers and export opportunities. The office of the CWPCA is now strategically located in Ottawa, in order to move forward and build on our government relations. The CWPCA/ACMPC mission is to be instrumental in giving our members tools and information to improve their businesses. We strive to meet our members needs by supplying critical wood pallet and export packaging industry-related information. We do this by providing member education and support programs through-out the year. The CWPCA works to promote the industry and its members in the marketplace, facilitating member-interaction and helping each other through industry networks/forums/events.◄
  3. MAKE SOMETHING   I think this website belongs to a different URL called: But seems to redirect to the website linked to here. Anyway it contains a fair amount of wood projects suitable for use with wood pallet recovery. Picture on the right is of one of his projects: A Wooden Clipboard.

    ►I am a full-time online content creator, designing, creating and teaching the art of woodworking. I have an art background that I incorporate into my projects and focus on originality and design. What's the Purpose of I'm here to share my ideas and teach others the beautiful craft of working with wood. is mainly intended for other woodworkers seeking information and inspiration but it's also fun to share my projects with others and start a conversation with like-minded makers. Back in March of 2011 I was looking to get some of my photography professionally framed for an art show. I was shocked at the cost and thought I could do it myself. I went out and bought a miter saw, started watching all the woodworking shows on YouTube and it just took off out of control from there. I never did make those picture frames but it changed my life. I spent 10 years working for marketing agencies, designing and developing websites in Toledo, Ohio. That journey also took me down the videography and photography paths which I now use in my teaching of woodworking.◄
  4. 100% PALLET WOOD STOOL   Here's a nice little project for you. This is a project that will not cost anything for the wood material, but unless you already have some in stock - you will have to buy some glue & sandpaper. People like this little stool. It has been compared to an old fashioned "Milking Stool".
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    ►I needed a little stool for my workshop for when I was carving and to just rest my legs a little now and then! I love creating things from old wood and had a ton of pallet wood I've collected over the years. So I came up with a design and slowly but surely made a nice sturdy little stool that (excluding the glue and finish) cost me absolutely nothing. I'll take you through the main steps of the build below and if you head over to my YouTube channel there's a more detailed 3 part series. This is a rather long build so please bear with me. Thanks for viewing!◄
  5. 1001PALLETS   Here is a very comprehensive website dedicated to displaying cool projects completed by it's members/viewers. They have a chat room & a shopping link. They teach you how to find free wood pallets legally. Picture on the right is of a member finished project: Pallet Dog House.
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    ►'s goal is to highlight your ideas made up from recycled, reused, upcycled or repurposed wooden pallets.
    Amazon Outlet Deals is here to tickle your creativity and invites you to exercise your imagination to come up with sustainable creations around this incredible and versatile raw material which is the pallet. was launched on January the 1st 2013 and since its foundation, it has risen from a simple blog to a huge community of crafters from all around the world. They all have the same motivation: Showing thousands of creative ideas to recycle wooden pallets. Currently, and without being too presumptuous, we are one of the largest websites covering the subject of recycled pallets: Furniture, decoration, storage systems, artwork, and more. The ideas exposed on the site are endless, and appears like the ultimate portfolio for whoever is interested in wooden pallets. Since the beginning, we have wanted to be open to everyone. Our ambition is to give exposure to as many recycling artists, crafters and small business owners as possible since it is very often what they lack the most. So if you have come up with a beautiful project using recycled pallets, please take 2 minutes to share it with us by using our “contribute page“. Just send us pictures (from one to five), and if the possible, the link where our readers can find more information and a description of your work. We will look carefully at all your contributions (whether they are homemade products, everyday objects or artistic creations) and we will publish them with your link. We are two friends working behind the scenes of Dimitri & Quentin. Some of you may already know us as we pull the strings of another website dedicated to recycling ideas: Since July 2016, our team grew up with the arrival of Heather that helps us to animate the community on this website and our Facebook page. She also reviews all your fantastic submissions! If you want to know a little more about us, here are is an interview: Pallet Enterprise: Environmentalists Start Website for Re-purposing Pallets, Shares Best Designs and Insights.◄
  6. LCN PALLETS & CRATES   Actually, to tell the truth - pallet making is a very large industry which most people do not know about. I have linked to this company's website because it offers a lot of educational information about pallets. It is a Canadian company based in Quebec.
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    ►At LCN inc, we specialize in the manufacturing of loading pallets and wooden crates. We offer an unlimited amount of models and will custom-make pallets and crates to meet your needs. LCN inc is fortified with the knowledge and expertise acquired through more than 50 years of manufacturing millions of pallets, and we continue to maintain high standards for quality and excellence. Today, we combine our flexibility, reliability and performance in our constant goal of manufacturing wood pallets and crates that will meet the requirements and needs of our customers' needs. With an annual production capacity of over 2 million pallets, LCN inc ranks among the largest pallet manufacturers in North America. Our expertise enables us to meet the highest standards while remaining very competitive on the market. As a leader in the field for more than 50 years, we have always considered it very important to improve our products and continuously upgrade our manufacturing processes. We would like to emphasize the following facts about LCN inc: First pallet company in Quebec to acquire an automated assembly system. First company in North America to offer heat treatment for assembled pallets. Today and millions of pallets later, the same desire for excellence motivates LCN inc to combine our flexibility, reliability, and performance in order to manufacture pallets and crates which meet the requirements and needs of our clientele.◄
  7. THE PALLET BIBLE   This is really a good website linked to here. It is about "Finding, Inspecting, and Dismantling Pallets" and is an "" article. Lots of practical information presented - problems solved, etc.

    ►For those of us in the DIY, upcycling and woodworking communities, reclaimed wood has been a rising force as a medium for home projects for years. Its appearance and history give our furniture and home decor a character that
    people admire, and it can be very fun to work with. Within this classification of material lives the pallet, a seemingly innocuous item that is much more important than most people realize, but one that also carries with it an unknown past. Using pallet wood in your home projects can result in great-looking pieces of furniture and art, but knowing how to find and use pallet wood safely is a facet that should not be overlooked. What follows is an extensive wealth of knowledge that I've gained from both research and hands-on experience, and hopefully it can provide you with an understanding of how pallets come to be, how to find safe pallets easily, and how to transition wood from its pallet form into a handsome finished product in your projects. Though I've tried to be as thorough as possible with detail in the following sections, I'm by no means the definitive expert on these subjects. If there is any information that you feel has been omitted or that you find yourself disagreeing with, please leave your comments at the bottom and help me maintain this as an accurate and comprehensive resource.◄
  8. 101 PALLET IDEAS!   This is a website loaded with pallet sourced ideas. They specialize in plans for making mostly furniture items, like beds, sofas, tables & chairs. But they also have ideas for home storage, chicken coops, planters, & Kitchen use items.
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    ►Pallets come as a great shipping wood waste and are destined mostly to landfill areas! We are going on an adventure to save the pallets from someone’s stove or from just being wasted for nothing! Join us to reduce this pallet wood waste through recycling and also to build the cost-effective pallet furniture pieces you are always in search of! Our aim is to share the DIY pallet ideas and ways here to get the pallets back in functional and serviceable condition! Get mind-blowing pallet projects here to reclaim, upcycle and recycle the pallets in order to make them live more with you! By recycling the pallets, one can not only improve his living, but can also take part in wood waste reduction!◄
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  9. PALLET SHELVES   This is a very good example of using wood taken from pallets to build small utility shelves used inside a van for the personal storage of items like spice bottles and other small items.
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    ►Van upgrades: can you tell these shelves were made from an old pallet? Wood is not only a great material to make things from (easy to cut and shape, looks good, lasts a long time etc.) but you can often get it for free. I want to show you how you can make nice things quickly, cheaply (for your van/house) from any old scrap bits of wood – or those wooden shipping pallets. I needed to make some shelves in my van. I've been doing a few modifications to my van recently (coming soon in more posts) and I needed a couple of shelves. So I took a wooden pallet from round the back of some pound shop and made my own. Pallets are all over the place. If you can't find any pallets in the corners of carparks you will find them on your local high street – or behind your local high street – like behind the shops.◄
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  10. PALLET 101   Here is some good basic information for the first time pallet user. Subjects covered: Types of wood pallets, Standard pallet sizes, Types of wood used in pallets, & Pallet safety.
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    ►We get asked all these questions by DIY enthusiasts, especially those starting on their first pallet project. We compiled the best information we could find so we could tell you everything you need to know about pallets and try to answer all your questions.◄

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